Community Music Classes

Andrea offers both individual and group music classes to the entire community. Students have the option to study voice, piano, elementary folk guitar, and general musicianship. Every lesson is custom designed and individually tailored to meet the student’s needs and motivation.  Because music is such an accessible medium, these classes are open to individuals of all abilities.  During the lesson, students can learn the skills needed to sing or play and experience the opportunity to work on musicianship- learning to navigate rhythms, generate melodies, co-create harmonies, and experience modulations. The sky is the limit!

Individual Music Lessons

  • For an individual to focus on their instrument of choice and to advance at their own rate, with maximum support.

Semi-Private Music Lessons

  • For 2 students to share the cost and time of a lesson while studying the same instrument, voice or musicianship.

Group Music Lessons for young children 18 months to 5 years, grouped by age

  • Music Immersion for young children- from pre-lesson readiness and general musicianship to

beginning instrumental skills.

Group Music Lessons for children, teens, and adults, grouped by age and level of proficiency.

  • Accommodating all levels and interests, working on general musicianship or specific

instrument or voice.  A group lesson is an incentive- rich environment to receive support,

experience the joy of music-making, and to advance mastery.

Music Therapy for Children and Support Groups for Parents and Caregivers

Individual Sessions

    • for an individual to experience intensive and in-depth work
    • for one-to-one attention to address primary goals

Dyad Sessions

    • for two children ready, or approaching readiness, to relate to one another
    • to gain experience in beginning socialization

Group Sessions for Preschool and Young Children

  • for 18 months – 3 years with their caregivers.

Small groups (3-4 children). Address special needs in a supportive, musical environment. Share the joy of singing, playing instruments and moving together.

  • for 3-5 year olds with special needs. Using music to facilitate regulation, communication, cooperation and spontaneity. Primary focus: socialization.

Group Sessions for Adults

    • for caregivers of individuals with developmental, learning, physical, cognitive, emotional and neurological issues. Will provide participants with relief, support and practical ways to de-stress using music. Offer specific uses of music that can help in the care of your loved one and the opportunity to connect with other people caregiving.

Psychotherapy and Music Psychotherapy for Adults

Individual Sessions

    • for an adult who, in addition to talking, is open to using music to explore specific issues and concerns
    • to help with self-growth, self-expression, interpersonal difficulties, or work-related problems

Group Sessions

  • for adults who are interested in learning about themselves through musical, as well as verbal, interaction with others
  • to help with self-growth, self-expression and especially interpersonal issues

Supervision for Clinicians, especially LCATs

Individual supervision

  • for clinicians/music therapists interested in an in-depth exploration of professional issues
  • to offer support and strategies in dealing with clinical, administrative, work environment, and population- specific concerns
  • to facilitate awareness and understanding of how and why one is personally affected by their work which leads to a deeper and more satisfying experience

Group supervision

  • open to beginning and intermediate music therapists. Using music and verbal discussion to process clinical and administrative issues. Group members will help determine focus in conjunction with leader.

Information Sessions for Health Professionals

Human resources/ EAP in-services

  • for a department to learn about music therapy and music psychotherapy
  • to educate about the unique benefits of music therapy and music psychotherapy in order to make appropriate employee referrals

Clinician’s workshops

  • for psychologists, psychiatrists, MDs, social workers, physical/occupational/speech therapists
  • to gain an understanding of the power of music in order to integrate music into one’s work/make helpful referrals

Workshops for Corporate Teams/Groups and Institutions

Corporate seminars

  • for managers, CEO’s and workgroups
  • to learn about the role of music in the workplace
  • to gain strategies and tools using music to help with team building, stress reduction and conflict resolution

Hospital/institution in-services

  • for social service agency supervisors and program directors
  • to increase awareness of music therapy services
  • to become familiarized with the components of effective and successful music therapy programming
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